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Melanie Collins Hosts Driver vs. Driver Season 2!

Barbizon Harrisburg grad, Melanie Collins returns to Golf Channel to host Driver vs. Driver presented by Wilson Golf. Season 2 premiers Fall 2018!...

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Paighton in new Lifetime Movie!

Barbizon PA grad, Paighton Yekel is in the movie "Faith Under Fire" which aired on Lifetime this past weekend.  She was on set with Toni Braxton who played Anionette Tuff, secretary who deterred the gunman from killing the school children in GA. According to Paighton's ...

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Kaitlyn Recognized at Farm Show Scholarship Foundation Breakfast!

Barbizon Harrisburg grad, Kaitlyn Hillenbrand entered Barbizon Modeling and Acting School's $100,000 College Scholarship Tuition Contest at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in 2016! Kaitlyn WON the $100,000 Barbizon College Scholarship in 2017 and THIS WEEK she was recognized a...