Not sure if the Barbizon experience is a right fit for you?  Read what some of our models and parents have to say about their experience!

“Barbizon inspired me and gave me more confidence!”  – Savannah

“Barbizon helped me with my confidence because at school I was bullied.  It was nice to be around people who were nice to me.”  – Summer

“I gained a lot more confidence, not to mention my self-esteem seems to be building on a daily basis.”  – Dominique

“I have more confidence in myself, how I view myself and who I am as a person because of these classes.  I’m not afraid anymore or nervous, I feel great about myself.   I’m so much happier and confident about my future, I can’t wait to have more opportunities from Barbizon.”  – Kasey

“This is an experience that will help their children no matter what the hurdle.”  – Michelle, Barbizon parent

“Barbizon helped [my child] to have more confidence in himself.  He also seems to be more accepting of himself.”  – Anita, Barbizon parent

“My daughter always looked forward to her Saturdays at Barbizon and had a blast with her new friends.”  – Betsy, Barbizon parent