Why Barbizon

Our History

Celebrating over 80 years, Barbizon Modeling and Acting Centers have been the world’s most respected schools for training in modeling and acting.  With over 265 locations worldwide, Barbizon is the largest agency in the world.  Barbizon Harrisburg is located in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, just one mile south of Harrisburg. We have been teaching modeling and acting for over 38 years in Harrisburg and over 50 years in Pittsburgh.

Barbizon not only prepares children, teens, and young adults for careers in modeling and acting, but also cultivates the life skills critical for healthy personal development and a successful career in any field. 

The Reality

Since 1939, Barbizon has been teaching young people the art of modeling and acting. Over the years, there have been a lot of claims, questions and sure even some complaints. We can tell you, that through all of this, Barbizon is #1  because of one thing, our hundreds of thousands of graduates.

Inside the Industry

For over 80 years, Barbizon has been leading the modeling and acting industry. We are constantly forming new industry relationships, gathering new information and advising students, graduates and parents on navigating this very large and competitive industry. We hope the following information will help you find the answers to some of your questions and provide the advice you need.

Launching Careers

 Barbizon is responsible for launching careers in some of the top industry brands. Contact us today to schedule your audition!

Get Discovered Today

Barbizon PA is responsible for launching careers in some of the top industry brands. Start your journey today!

Barbizon Reality


“Ella is over the moon about this experience. She is practicing every day and already has her line memorized for the commercial. She has met so many new friends and talks about how great they are. This has already been an uplifting experience for her and to see her so excited about it, makes it all that much better! Everyone so far that I have spoken with from Barbizon has been absolutely wonderful! I love that you guys love what you do and want to see the same passion come from the children. Thank you so much for this opportunity! ”

Barbizon Parent

“Barbizon inspired me and gave me more confidence!” 

Barbizon PA

“Barbizon helped me with my confidence because at school I was bullied.  It was nice to be around people who were nice to me.” 

Barbizon PA

“ I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your classes! I love the classes and they are super fun. Everyone in there seems so nice and supportive. I can’t wait for the next session!”

Harrisburg, PA

“My daughter always looked forward to her Saturdays at Barbizon and had a blast with her new friends.”

Barbizon Parent