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If you want to learn how to be a teen model or an actor, we are the first step. We want to help you succeed no matter your goals! Our program centers on self development as well as industry training to help you shine. We are the best at helping you bring out your best.

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Barbizon offers adult modeling and acting courses at special times throughout the year. Those interested in exploring a new career or interest and industry professionals seeking to advance their training are encouraged to apply.

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Do you want to be an actor? Or do you want to be a model? Or maybe you’re looking for a place where you can make friends and learn about things like skin care, confidence, etiquette, and public speaking before you get to high school?

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Raising children and teens into successful, happy and healthy young adults is the most important job, and one of the most difficult jobs. We understand parenting is a full time job; many of us are parents just like you. We understand the need to make sure your child is safe, to research the things they are suddenly interested in, and preparing them for their future is of utmost importance.

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Barbizon PA is responsible for launching careers in some of the top industry brands. Start your journey today!