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Barbizon Reviews

Not sure if the Barbizon experience is a right fit for you?  Check out what some of the top agents from around the world have to say about their experience working with our models and actors!

Barbizon Reality


“Thank you so very much for everything you’ve taught me so far it’s really been an amazing experience. I do want to say that I really enjoy getting to know my fellow class mates and even more about myself. My mother has been saying that I seem much happier now than before I started your class so thank you for that as well.

P.S. You guys are truly amazing and I still can’t believe I was given this opportunity and I know it can’t be easy so thank you. I know I’ve said it a lot but I’ll say it again Thank you and I hope you guys have an astounding day.”

Shay Mack,
Harrisburg, PA

“ I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your classes! I love the classes and they are super fun. Everyone in there seems so nice and supportive. I can’t wait for the next session!”

Harrisburg, PA

“I have more confidence in myself, how I view myself and who I am as a person because of these classes. I’m not afraid anymore or nervous, I feel great about myself. I’m so much happier and confident about my future, I can’t wait to have more opportunities from Barbizon.”

Harrisburg, PA

“This is an experience that will help their children no matter what the hurdle.”

Barbizon Parent

“I gained a lot more confidence, not to mention my self-esteem seems to be building on a daily basis.”

Harrisburg, PA