Modeling,  acting, and an early start at personal development leading to a lifetime success.

Barbizon’s programs for children are uniquely tailored to today’s younger models and actors. Going beyond the camera to offer skills that develop confidence, poise and life skills to help them grow into mature young adults. With Moises Aries (Disney – Hannah Montana), Christian Kramme (Nickelodeon), Lauren Storm (Disney – The Game Plan), Nicole Anderson (Disney – Jonas LA) and so many more, in our alumni list, it’s gotta be good! At Barbizon, kids learn, participate in and prepare for the modeling industry with the same techniques used by today’s top child models and industry professionals. And the best part? When a child joins Barbizon, we make a lifetime commitment to them, inviting them to take refresher courses at any time. Acting can be a rewarding, creative outlet for children and a great way for them to showcase their talents. With classes that cover everything from on-camera classes to improvisation, Barbizon is a great place to get started! And let’s not forget, it’s fun!


Preteens can expect to cover the following topics in their classes:

– Audition Practice
– Industry Information
– On Camera TV Classes
– Photo Movement
– Poise and Posture
– Product and Fashion Ads
– Commercial Acting
– Self-Confidence Development
– On Stage Showmanship
– Voice and Diction
– Commercial Print Modeling
– Monologues
– Runway Techniques
– Grooming Skills
– Model Manners and Etiquette
– Improvisation
– Nutrition and Exercise